I love Graphic Design & Motion Graphics
This is what I do. This is who I am.


I'm Hodei Ensunza, a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Motiongrapher. Born in the Basque Country, currently based in Barcelona. I love bikes and cycling in general, listening to good music and being with people who make me smile. I like to work hard and try to do my best in everything, always pushing to reach the next level.

"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares"
- Saul Bass.

I try to solve problems. That's all what design is about. I also like to move things and give them some life.

I'm currently working as an Art Director at HerraizSoto&co since 2012. My tasks there are to lead the design of the team where I belong and develop different products such as digital campaigns, websites, motion videos... Previously I did an internship on Pornographics Studio (currently Ouh Yeah). I also work as a freelance and I love to develop personal work. Check it at hodolab.

I've recently finished my Postdegree in Advanced Postproduction, VFX and Motion Graphics in Catalonian Politécnic Institute with Joan Guasch as professor. Before that, I studied Graphic Design at Elisava and also have a degree in Industrial Design.

Please drop me a line to get in touch, just to say hello or to discuss any possible projects. You can email me to hi@hodo.es
or call me to +34 653 74 55 22.

Don’t be shy, say hi!

check also my behance, instagram and vimeo accounts.