I love Graphic Design & Motion Graphics
This is what I do. This is who I am.


I'm Hodei Ensunza, a Graphic Designer, Art Director and Motiongrapher. Born in the Basque Country, currently based in Barcelona. I love bikes and cycling in general, listening to good music and being with people who makes me smile. I like to work hard and try to do my best in everything, always pushing to reach the next level.

"I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares" - Saul Bass said.

I'd like to say that I just want to make beautiful things too, but also make people care for it.

I try to solve problems. That's all that design is about. I also like to move things and give them some life.

I'm currently working as a freelance Motion Designer and on the first steps of starting our own studio with Hodo&Marie.

Previously I've worked as an Art Director, Graphic Designer and MotionGrapher for some years in agencies like HerraizSoto&co and &Rosàs. I've never forgotten my first steps when I did an internship on the sadly disappeared but amazing Pornographics Studio

I'm currently enrolled in the Advanced Motion Methods course of Sander Van Dijk in School of Motion. I have a Postdegree in Advanced Postproduction, VFX and Motion Graphics in Catalonian Politécnic Institute with Joan Guasch as professor. Before that, I studied a Master of Graphic Design at Elisava and also have a degree in Industrial Design.

Please drop me a line to get in touch, just to say hello or to discuss any possible projects. You can email me to hi@hodo.es
or call me to +34 653 74 55 22.

Don’t be shy, say hi!

check also my behance, instagram and vimeo accounts.